Balmar Presents Ariel Rainier Marvin and Vampire Dictator Mina with DJ GYP CHI for October Artwalk

Ariel Rainier Marvin was born in Seattle and raised on the East Coast and Midwest and has been in Seattle for the past 7 years. Acrylic on canvas is his medium with a gritty pop art style. He can be reached on deviant art or at

Vampire Dictator Mina has been an artist since the early age of 5. "Everything I learned, I learned from my father, John F. Draper." John Draper was an art teacher at local art studios in California and also at the Veteran's Association in Reno, NV. "My father would take my dog and I to the park with his paints and canvas. People would crowd around us watching the brilliance of my fathers' work. I was so proud of him, I used to tell people, 'Hey! That's my dad!'"

Strictly working with acrylics, just like good ol' dad, Vampire Dictator's work is a far cry from the nature styles of her father. "I like to paint my dreams, my fantasies and my fears, but mainly, I have to get it out of my system. Cry it out onto the page, canvas or whatever medium I am working with." Vampire Dictator Mina has donated many of her pieces to churches, local motorcycle clubs and schools for charity." When I am asked to donate, I am happy to work within the boundaries of that organization's needs. It is quite rewarding to know that my gift can make a positive difference."

GYP CHI (aka Jittania Smith) is a DJ and producer from Seattle, WA. Long before she pursued working as a DJ, Smith played percussion for Washington Middle School and Garfield High. In her spare time, Smith was influenced by many styles of music ranging from Moby and Thievery Corporation to Jimi Hendrix, The Orb, Bjork and RJD2. While pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at Brown University, Smith discovered her passion for electronic music production in an elective Computers & Music course. A year later, in 2012, Smith was given the opportunity to pursue her DJing skills internationally while traveling on a working visa in Australia. Upon her return to the States last fall, Smith made the switch from CDJs to Technic 1200s and Serato, and has been hooked ever since. Smith enjoys mixing a wide array of genres, ranging from 80's and 90's pop, disco and old school hip hop to modern reggaeton, electrohouse, trap, soul and glitch hop. She also loves any opportunities to collaborate with others, and is always looking for other musicians and artists to practice and perform with.

To hear a sample:

5449 Ballard Ave NW

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