Colored Pencil Work by Eileen Sorg will be Showing at Venue for the Month of November

~ Eileen Sorg ~ 
Colored Pencil Artist

Eileen Sorg's art is a visual representation of the stories that are in her imagination. She enjoys collecting old objects and weaving a tale around them. 
Seattle Crow

Birds are the main conduit for these stories, but insects, amphibians, and mammals are also frequent players.

Seattle Frog

Seattle Hummingbird

The story is really the subject matter in Eileen's work, but it is supported by a solid structure of composition and light. Her colored pencil work is collected internationally and is known for its complexity and vibrancy. Eileen is a Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society, the Society of Animal Artists, and the International Guild of Realism.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

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