Illustrated Collage By Dan Voelker Featured at Umpqua Bank for November Artwalk

Dan Voelker explores relationships in tone, line, shape and depth using collage. The layering effect of collage allows his drawings to become paintings. The collages begin with several “automatic” charcoal drawings on paper. All of the material found in each collage comes from these drawings, which are sliced up and reassembled in a new way. The cutting up process is an extension of drawing, as Voelker is able to create new and unique forms. When assembling the pieces, he does not begin with a plan or sketch. His process is improvisational, immediate and organic; slowly building each piece into a balanced composition.

Though his work is abstract, it often references figurative elements. A portrait, landscape, or still-life will often emerge, sometimes in the same composition. Voelker is deeply fascinated by sculpture and often sees his work referencing 3 dimensional forms. He attempts to engage the viewer by shifting perspectives and/or subjects, creating movement with dramatic events while leaving the piece open to interpretation. 

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

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