Umpqua Bank Presents Misleading Maxims For December Artwalk

In the month of December, Umpqua Bank is showing the work of photographer Laura Gehring. This show is titled "Misleading Maxims", exploring caricatures of the 1930’s, inviting comparison to times of loss, distrust, tumult, and uncertainty.  Each character’s story of loss, gain, or greed brings forth a projection of history onto today’s ideologies, unearthing contemporary affects in the process. The melting pot that is America is able to obtain a rendering of the highly sought after “American Dream,” yet within the realities of past and present it proves to be fleeting.

Growing up in rural Idaho with the urge to document the small town culture, beauty of the prairie, and mountain life, Laura followed in her grandfather's footsteps as a photojournalist. After moving to Seattle 4 years ago, she needed to find her own voice in storytelling. Moving into the fashion industry, she was able to tell any story through light, set, and mood. Now she uses that same aesthetic to work closely with clients to learn their story and produce imagery that clearly defines their business as a whole.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

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