Inspire Me Mandalas On Display at Interfaith Community Sanctuary for March Artwalk

Through the month of March, Inspire Me Mandalas will be on display at the Interfaith Community Santuary. These unique, circular designs are handmade by Shabeena Helsley using basic tools, which preserves the designs' organic essence. They are meant to be visually balanced and appealing, and include meanings and intentions held within each mandala.  

The significance is derived through the elements, colors, numbers and symbols used in each piece of art. They are designed to draw the mind and allow it to clear the thoughts and invite a more philosophical or spiritual essence to envelope the observer, which in turn leads to higher consciousness and transformation.

Shabeena will be present for a reception and artist talk on Saturday, March 8th between 6-8pm.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd St

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