Permanent Exhibit of Spiritual Paintings At Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Interfaith Sacred Community Art is an exhibit in permanent residence at Interfaith Community Sanctuary. The 8 large-scale spiritual paintings were designed and led by Linda Stern at spiritual retreats held every year. Each of the paintings, call to diverse spiritual and faith traditions with symbols and meanings that are interwoven throughout. 

Archetypes Within

Birthed from the Womb of Creation

Symbols of Divine Love

Tree of Life, Tree of Light

Linda Stern, who leads the creative and sacred experience, has been an producing artist for over 50 years and some of her creations will also be in the exhibit. Whenever she creates she enters a state of prayer and meditation to infuse the art with the Light and Love of the Divine. Her paintings are largely esoteric and spiritual in nature with a strong influence of Divine Feminine aspects.

Linda will be at the Sanctuary to discuss Spirituality, Creativity and Art from 6-9 on the Art Walk evenings. 

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Ave

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  1. wow ! really nice paintings. Each of the paintings means so much for the spiritual peoples. sometimes they are so powerful that nothing can illustrates things like i like the tree most :) best for all
    Saint Kirpal Singh


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