Brandon Vosika At Annie's Art & Frame For April Artwalk

Brandon Vosika is a painter, collage artist, ex musician and amateur voice actor, who also works with wood. 

Vosika recently moved forward from his most well known collection of work, an enormous four year series consisting of hundreds of drunken portrait paintings. Ridiculous yet skilled, the collection showed mostly imagined people, characters made up from the heart, evocative and alive. Now, after a short hiatus and a great deal of thinking, Vosika has returned to the collection. Adding to old works, creating new ones and generally speaking, enjoying almost every minute of it. 

Because Vosika works much from instinct and feeling, the conciseness of his technique can sometimes be difficult to understand. It could be the parts added without thought, last minute, or the small details that mean everything. And there's certainly plenty to look at. Viewers tend to hold onto and take away different sentiments from the same works. There are manifold layers of meaning here and whether intentional or not, humor plays a large part is this series. The people in these paintings are strange and engaging, and full of life. They exist to be seen and to be felt. 

Brandon Vosika is a self taught artist currently living and working in Seattle.

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 NW Market St

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