Open Studios Open Doors For BallardWorks Artist

Phil Stoiber was in his BallardWorks studio on the evening of the February Artwalk. A stranger wandered into his studio. She was on her way home from work and took an interest in his prints. 

Ivory's Rock - Arbritrary Meridian by Phil Stoiber, paper, lithography and chine-collé

He learned his visitor worked for Abmeyer + Wood, a gallery very close to SAM downtown where Stoiber has worked as a registrar since 1991. He didn't expect to hear anything from her again. A couple weeks later he was informed that he was being considered for Sustaining, a group show at Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art in April. There is no way to predict what Artwalk will bring when studio doors are open.

Visit Abmeyer + Wood to see Sustaining through April 27 at 1210 2nd Ave, Seattle 98101. 

BallardWorks is a studio building with artists working in various media. The building is open every second Saturday with a new group show in the 2nd and 3rd floor galleries, and several art studios open for visitors. 

2856 NW Market St

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