Waiting To Be Rescued by Michael Bristow At Interfaith Community Sanctuary in April and May

Compositions of harmonious color and form are to be found everywhere around us. In the work of Michael Bristow, scraps of throwaway printed ephemera and discarded objects are redeemed and ennobled, given new meaning as elements of form and color. Patterns of synchronicity, significance, and even mysticism are sometimes revealed, perhaps differently to the individual viewer. Each piece, however, is initially inspired by an “accidental” juxtaposition - not created but rather noticed by the artist.

In our age of digitally-created art, Michael Bristow prefers to work with paint, glue, wood, cardboard, and bits of paper and metal scavenged from the streets, beaches, and second-hand stores. He believes that exciting colors and shapes are always surrounding us, waiting to be rescued and made into art that costs little to the environment or to his own wallet."  To reach Michael Bristow, email: mbristow@seanet.com

Every two months ICS features a guest artist in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs). Ongoing in the Sanctuary (upstairs) congregant’s communal art, created during spiritual retreats, is featured. Each unique piece has been designed by artist Linda Stern, who guides congregants in the art experience.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd St

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