Cinnamon Bonikowski's Pixel Paintings At Full Tilt For May Artwalk

Cinnamon Bonikowski is the owner of Rosie’s Gallery Of Amazing Things. The gallery is actually an online presence to sell crafty things Cinnamon does, often with friends. Cinnamon grew up on Lummi Island, which is just outside Bellingham Bay. She has lived in the Seattle area for over a decade and now resides in Redmond with her game-programming husband. 

After staring at 2 large canvases lying around the house, Cinnamon got the idea to make huge pixel art for her husband… and so it began! Since her childhood games were limited to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, she brainstorms with her husband and his friends to get more ideas. She loves the idea of bringing sprite art into the high art world. You can find Cinnamon and Rosie at many nerdy conventions around the Seattle area. 

To find out more about Rosie’s GOAT check out:

Full Tilt
5453 Leary Ave NW

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