Jeffrey Olson Featured At Bloom For May Artwalk

Jeffrey Olson is an assemblage sculpture artist uses rusted scrap metal and distressed wood as his primary materials. Foraging for these materials is the beginning of the process; never knowing what will be found is exciting and stimulating. Olson is drawn to their shape and texture possibilities and chooses to leave them in the twisted, crushed, deteriorated forms in which they are found, giving his work a raw, primitive feel.

The pieces are seldom preconceived; the inspiration for his work comes from a lifelong interest in mythology, science fiction, primitive religion and psychological archetypes. 

Embryonic Journey

Winter Nude

According to Olson, "Art is fun; the creative process ignites a fire that warms my soul and creates a desire to share that inspiration and joy with the world. Art has the power to inspire, make one laugh, cry and contemplate.That sums up why I create art."

To see more of Olson's work, visit his website: darkmoonstudio

5410 17th Ave NW

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