Heather Davidson Featured At Venue For June Artwalk

Jewelry artist Heather Davidson of The Doodlebug Project is featured at Venue this month. Originally from the Midwest, Heather grew up in Nebraska and went to college in Minnesota. She has been a Seattleite ever since and is very happy with the change in climate.  

Heather has been making art – from drawings to oil painting and ceramics - using many different mediums since as long as she can remember. The jewelry she’s been focusing on currently has brought her back to her original love of pencil drawing and her love of nature – both flora and fauna. All of her original designs are created in shrink plastic, and most of it is drawn by hand.

She makes several sketches of each design, but no two are exactly alike. Even her printed jewelry designs that include stud earrings and necklaces with glorious pattern work have variations depending on which part of the design she decides to focus on. It can be difficult to create an image that works on such a small scale, but Heather finds that the finished designs give her a sense of peace and balance.

5408 22nd Ave NW

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