September at Annie's Art & Frame FeaturesTargeted Therapy by Teresa Ettel

Teresa Ettel loves all things old, worn, beautiful
- or maybe not so beautiful – and with the
possibility to create something that tells a story.
Teresa fell in love with collage and assemblage
after a friend gave her a book displaying the works of Joseph Cornell, an early 20th century collage and assemblage artist. As a self-taught artist who has explored many mediums, collage has become her most satisfying form of artistic expression.

When creating a piece, Teresa often starts with one image, specific paper or item that sparks a memory, a yearning, a wish, or simply a desire to create something aesthetically pleasing. Or, conversely, she will seek out images to express what is on her mind or in her heart.

Antique and vintage photographs, magazines, books and miscellaneous ephemera are almost exclusively used. The feel and texture, the colors and patina, and the antiquated imagery are appealing and satisfy the sentimentality Teresa feels.

Targeted Therapy is a visual diary inspired by her breast cancer diagnosis on Sept 27th, 2013. The
diagnosis, followed by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, created both positive and emotional
responses. Teresa found artwork using specific images a useful and satisfying way to express her

In gratitude for care received, Teresa will donate
20% of proceeds from sales of the Targeted Therapy
series to Swedish Cancer Institute.

Annie's Art and Frame
2212 NW Market Street

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