Lina Raymond Show at Portalis for November

Night Begins (16 x 20, acrylic on canvas board)
Not since her epic 2010 show Bearing Witness / adaption have we had such a collection of Lina Raymond paintings. That show featured lost landmarks of Ballard: Sunset Bowl, Denny's, Ballard Camera, Abraxis Books and the like.

This show, Lina Raymond: On The Avenue, showcases the spirit of Ballard Avenue.
In the artist's words:

In a series that will take 2 more years to complete, this show presents the first paintings in which I attempt to capture this old fishing village that I have lovingly come to call home. Although my approach was initially inspired from impressionistic works such as Pierre Bonnard’s paintings of Monmarte (painted not long after these Ballard buildings were built), my affection for this spot at this moment in time has led me to producing more tediously detailed (and more contemporary) results. They are all acrylic on canvas &/or hardboard, and depict Ballard Avenue in Fall and Winter. The next round of pieces will be of the Avenue in Spring and Summer.

5205 Ballard Avenue
Lina Raymond

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