Blue House Yellow Dog Studio Showcases Woodcut Process


Karen Klee-Atlin will be working on her prints at Blue House and Yellow Dog Studio this Saturday. Come and see her latest prints and watch as she demonstrates the woodcut process on her press. Karen will have framed and un-framed prints for sale and there will also be a great selection of book bags, purses and napkins made by designer Sara Kelley.

Karen will be offering art classes at her studio in drawing, painting and printmaking for children, teens and adults starting in January. You can contact her at for more information.

Karen's work can also be seen at BallardWorks for the next two ArtWalks.  Karen was invited by Vicki Platt-Brown, a member of a print studio in BallardWorks, to take part in the "Tenants and Friends" show. The show will run through January.

5406 6th Avenue NW

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