Venue hosts Anika & Joshua Colvin, Old Salt Merchants in December

Once upon a time a West Coast waterman meets a Midwestern girl and they fall in love. She designs and bakes. He surfs and sails. Together they decided to start an old-fashioned nautical provisions company, selling the kinds of traded goods one might have found in port a century ago: tea, salt and sugar, but with bold flavors inspired by cocktails, trade routes and pipe tobacco.

Now they live a happy life in surrounded by water and trees in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington, raising two small children and running two nautical businesses. Consistent with their lifestyle vision, Old Salt Merchants hearkens back to a simpler time and quality natural ingredients.

Venue is delighted to introduce our customers to Old Salt Merchants products this holiday season including salts, sugar and tea in individual and gift packaged sets.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

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