Horseshoe Shows Photographer Marlin Greene in January

Marlin will be featuring his most recent collection of photographs of the Kiger Mustangs. These beautiful mustangs are the oldest horses in North America--brought to our country over 400 years ago by the Spanish. Their story is as compelling as the images that Marlin has captured.  Come pay witness to an American Legend.

The story of the Kiger Mustangs:
The band of twenty-seven horses discovered by the BLM(bureau of land management) in the Beatys Butte wilderness of eastern Oregon in 1977 was the last group to be found that are so true to type -- the last of the Spanish "special forces horses" that had come to the Americas in the 1600s. When the BLM moved the herd to two management areas -- Kiger Creek and Riddle Mountain -- where they could be protected and developed, they insured short-term that the Kigers would survive. Now there are precious few of these unique, pure and top class examples of the Spanish origin horses left. There are less than 200 in the wild in the BLM areas. Maybe twice that number that are viable breeders, pure and top class, exist in captivity (excluding the geldings). These horses are endangered by situation if not by government designation.

5344 Ballard Avenue NW
Kiger Refuge

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