Jennifer Lawrence Bennett Jewelry Featured at Venue for February

Jennifer Lawrence Bennett is a jewelry artist who uses sculptural elements on a small scale. The concept of light plays out broadly and subtly in her work, hence the name of her business, "di luce design," meaning of light in Italian. She incorporates raw materials like mica into her work because of its translucency, and plays with color gradation on silver and brass through oxidation.

The jewelry Venue will be featuring from Jennifer's collection for Valentine's Day (and throughout the month of February) will include trajectory necklaces, morse-coded pieces, and new earring designs inspired by her recent travel to Nepal. Shoppers will also find a small collection of vintage brass lockets hanging from miss-matched broken chains that have been mended. Chunky carnelian and trapezoid-shaped Tibetan turquoise will also make an appearance.

5408 22nd Avenue NW


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