Art Chix has Group Show at BallardWorks in March

The Alchemy of Art and Community

Art Chix is a group of eight women artists who have gathered monthly for the past 15 years with a goal of creating community and feedback for artistic growth.
Members include Sheryl Westergreen, Rosanne Olson, D. Lisa West, Patricia Belyea, Cary Pillo, Anna Rhodes, Nancy Jenkins, Cynthia Hartwig and Dana Nunnelly.

Each month the members decide on a new theme (a word, phrase, poem, etc) which they turn into art over the ensuing month. There are no rules except creative expression. The results, are paintings, poems, photography, songs, short stories, even quilts. The idea is to plumb the depths of the creative self. The work from this group has led to books, exhibits, even new careers, and a sense of empowerment for all involved.  Many of the pieces will be shown at the Ballardworks artist studios in Seattle on Saturday, March 14 from 6-9 p.m.
2856 NW Market Street

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