Factory vs. Academy presents B. Wallace Cathey's Hungry Junction: A History of Seattle Diners Exhibition at the Seattle gallery on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 6pm.

B. Wallace Cathey will be talking with curator Michael Matewauk about her memoir and life working in diners from the Great Depression through the '60's. Photographs and artifacts related to various restaurants throughout Seattle's golden age of dining will be showcased in the gallery.

From Downtown Seattle to Burien and many points between, B. Wallace Cathey has worked in restaurants and diners that are now mostly forgotten in the city's history. With names such as The Huts, El Cenar, and the Ox Bow Inn, Cathey chronicles the various eateries her family operated with the wit and insight of someone who spent decades on the front-line or behind the counter ever-ready with a pot of coffee to top you off.  From the boom of Boeing to post-war changes in dining habits, Cathey evokes a Seattle of blue-collar worker lunches and supper clubber nights on the town that will charm and delight. 

Hungry Junction: A History of Seattle Diners will run from Saturday, March 14th through Sunday, April 26th. Hours: Sat/Sundays 1-5pm.

Factory vs Academy
2220 NW Market Street Suite B01
(under Bop Street Records)

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