Jonathan Baker featured at Venue for March ArtWalk

The Last Grocery Bag
A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Deign, Jonathan Baker spent the first 15 years of his career as a freelance helmet designer, helping to create some of the most iconic products in that field. The last 3 years have been spent in Twisp, WA, creating his own line of goods under the brand eqpd ("equipped"). Jonathan says, "We are a small and ambitious company helping to re-define American design and manufacturing. Our everyday gear is founded on the principles of using materials appropriately and designing for the similarities between us all. We found that by focusing on what makes us alike, a whole new range of products could be born."

Jonathan and his team are thrilled to be in Washington, where the diversity of people and environments have proven to be a perfect place to create and build their durable, versatile goods that include tote bags like "the last grocery tote" - which Jonathan boasts is strong enough to hold a cinder block (32 lbs.). The current collection also includes wallets and briefcases. All of Jonathan's products are made with military grade hardware and waterproof/stain-proof industrial vinyl - in other words, perfect for the Northwest.
5408 22nd Avenue NW

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