Market Street Shoes Features the Work of David Wynne for the March ArtWalk

"Earlier in my career the prominent focus was as a sculptor working in non precious materials, lead, cast iron, wood and veneers, cast concrete, bees wax, and hydro-stone, while painting and drawing exclusively in encaustic paint, charcoal, and graphite pigment on papers, plaster panels, and shaped objects. During that time I was showing works in Soho, NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island, NY and New England.
My early work was hard edged, title-less, architectural, and aligned with a New York, east coast, urban minimalist bent. Today, as an 18-year resident of Seattle I consider myself a permanent North Westerner.

In the resurgence of my current work  it  is made by the use of charcoal, graphite pigments, egg tempera, on paper and plaster or gesso treated wood panels, and stone ...materials, I have always been accustom to employing. The marks, and images are less urban or hard-edged. The imagery has been replace with equally dense fields of material formally, creating more amorphic, spacial avenues, more intimate, organic, visions rooted in allegory, while titles are at times fleeting thoughts, or fragmented dialog - conversations, and metaphoric references."
Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street

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