Annie's Art and Frame hosts Brian Hatfield in June

Popbot by Brian Hatfield
My paintings are an attempt to capture the impressions and memories I have of playing underneath the coffee table in the living room or tucked behind my parent’s seats while on long road trips across the country. To my little eyes, the scale of my toys would be larger than life. A three inch piece of molded plastic could be the size of a building and the floor of my bedroom, a valley in which conflict and resolution would play out. As a child of the 80s and consumerism, I love how the light catches brightly colored plastic and chrome and I attempt to conjure the impressions I get looking at them and render them with oil paints. My characters inhabit tranquil worlds and alternate realities where exploration and road trips are the only thing on the itinerary.

Though I’m a painter working with water soluble oils, I’ve come to realize I could just as easily consider myself a collage artist. Sometimes an idea for a piece will come into my head fully formed, but most of the time I will sit on the floor and spread out around me the objects and images that inspire me. This process always reminds me of playing with toys as a child. From these sessions of play, I make decisions on choice of characters, locations and composition.

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Brian Hatfield

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