Tyler Edwards Performs at His Word Found Here for June 13 ArtWalk

The world has more than enough songs written by great songwriters. Some would argue that the last thing humanity needs is another song. However, something special happens when a new or old song stirs the soul of the listener. Music can inspire change, movement, empathy, even hope.  This phenomenon is what motivates songwriters to keep digging to find songs worth writing and singing. Tyler Edwards began this search 6 years ago with South Carolina rock band, I Anthem. After releasing two EP's and a LP, the band had moderate success with multiple songs breaking Top 10 on Billboard's Rock Charts and music featured on MTV and NASCAR.

During this time period, he also began writing acoustic based songs. "I started to understand the value of the silence that acoustic music can create. This excited and challenged me to make sure I really mean the words I write and sing that pierce the vacancy." With the release of Tyler's latest solo EP - "Too Young for Love," he reveals some personal stories and questions. The first track, Headed for the Coast, directly communicates his plans to move to the West Coast, which he did in January 2015 after a cross- country tour from Florence, SC to Seattle, WA. The title track is a song he says he wrote the morning  of his 25th birthday and realized that love is hard but necessary to truly living. Each song on this record has a personal story or idea behind it. So, if you want to learn more about the songwriter, simply listen the songs.
His Word Found Here
5404 22nd Avenue NW
Tyler Edwards

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