Shauna Tuey Featured at Monster Art for September ArtWalk

Shauna Tuey is a self taught visual artist born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

She uses a wide variety of mediums for her paintings including melted crayons, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and color pencils. She is constantly exploring new creative outlets and integrating new techniques into her work.

Her designs are inspired by the world around her as well as by other artists in the community. In the early stages of her work, she explored abstract designs which eventually evolved into more concrete ideas. It's been enjoyable to watch her style develop as she began to research mythological stories and sacred geometry. It became her goal to not only capture the images in her head but to breathe life back into the stories that she reads.  

Her focus is never on one technique for too long as she finds the exploration of the unknown too appealing to settle down in a particular medium; this gives her work a sense of blooming as she changes and grows as an individual. Although she can't commit to a medium, there is an unchanging tone to her work which enhances the organic beauty she perceives with a whimsical lightness. She is truly an adaptable artist looking to bring the best out in her creations. Whether it's painting, silk screening, dance or baking she always finds a way to put her heart and soul into what she's making.

Monster Art and Clothing
5000 20th Avenue NW
Shauna Tuey

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