Mixed Media Drawings & Paintings by Juliet Tada at Venue in October

Juliet Tada is a practicing artist in Seattle, Washington creating drawings, paintings, installation, and mixed media works. She enjoys experimenting with chance medium, texture, and three-dimensional components while painting on a horizontal plane. As a result, a viewer gets to interact with a bird’s eye perspective at eye-level.

Charcoal, ink, and graphite make up the main media for her work. She enjoys using charcoal for its ability to be multifaceted in texture and gradient. She uses a chromatic scale, which simulates a timeless elegance. The gesture, thickness, and structure of a line encompass the overall expression of her artwork.  Each piece of art manifests itself through the process in which it is created.

Downward momentum - in the form of splatter or winding pathways shaped by water droplets - becomes the starting point for most of her creations. Allowing a material to organically move or react to its environment causes an image of fluidity that is gentle to the eye. Using water and wet solvents demonstrates the power an element has over a composition. Water transforms and reshapes a medium within a piece, echoing its effect on the earth.

Also included in her show will be abstract renderings of the human figure. A trending beauty appears among her female representations. The eccentric use of hair acts as a staple characteristic within each drawing. Gold appears as an accent in her current body of work. A touch of sparkle against a black and white contour mimics the moon kissing the darkened sky. 

5408 22nd Avenue NW

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  1. I was at this place last week. This is such a joy as a place for food! I had a beautiful time here. It reminded me of another Chicago event space. A beautiful, wonderful place that had excellent atmosphere.


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