Horseshoe Features Abstract Artist Tara Flores in November

Abstraction gets me. There’s an immediacy to it. You don’t know what it is, what it “means” or what it is trying to convey for sure, but you feel it. It works outside the bounds of language. It cuts through the struggles entangled inside the modern human condition by bringing you back to your soul. Reminding you of you. Steeping you in emotion, knowing and connection.

Even if you don’t “get it,” it gets you.

I tried for a long time to figure out abstract art before I realized that to understand it is to feel it. Emotion understands it, not intellect.

Making these connections, to how we feel, what we want, what brings us joy. Well, its the whole point.
For me, a lot of these connections are made through the process of painting.

If you’d like to learn more about me, my art or experience along the creative path, visit my blog at Tara Flores or find me on social media (@tarafloresart).

5344 Ballard Avenue NW

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