BallardWorks Exhibits "Self Portraits - Original Selfies" for December ArtWalk

Self Portraits--Original Selfies is the theme of our December show featuring artwork by our Tenants and Friends. This promises to be an amusing and amazing exhibit with all portraiture styles represented from cubist to realist. How do we picture ourselves? After all, that face looking back at us in the mirror is not how we appear to others. The mirror reverses our image, so if the artist paints his/her self portrait while looking in a mirror, it is not the face his/her friends are viewing. If the artist paints from a photo, it might or might not be the same view as others see. Come and consider the likeness of these personal works presented for your enjoyment.

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, December 12, 2015. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.
Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working, sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof.

2856 NW Market Street

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