More June ArWalk Participants

Kiss Café
2817 NW Market Street

A recently relocated native of New Hampshire, Allison Kennedy received her BFA in illustration and Graphic Design in Boston and then moved to Seattle to continue her education in Art Therapy. Working primarily in water-based oils, Kennedy paints a variety of subjects and is excited about bringing art to the public as a way for self-discovery.

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market Street

Showcasing paintings and etchings of cats, dogs and wildlife by Sueellen Ross. Combining her passion for producing art with her love for animals, she creates works of exceptionally strong design and subtle wit. Using India ink, watercolor and pencil, Ross has developed her own unique mixed media combination, concentrating on her drawing skill. Don’t miss these delightful paintings.

Sev Shoon Arts Center
2862 NW Market Street

Sev Shoon etching instructor Betsy Barnum demonstrates printing of medium-scale intaglio etching plates in one and two colors. Other drawing techniques, along with short bursts of drypoint and scraping, diversify the demo. The studio’s walls are filled with examples of Barnum’s work. See the magic that is printed from a thin copper plate.

Ballard Works
2856 NW Market Street
Work by four artists is featured. Claire Cowie’s dreamlike imagery deals with imaginary worlds and the conflation of memory and reality. Through the observation of the inside and outside world, things are altered by the act of being observed. Drawing from playful and dark images, Cowie presents an exploration of fiction vs. truth. Franc Guerrero’s referential but not overt erotic imagery
explores the age-old history of painting’s notions of voyeurism. By referencing artists before him, Guerrero creates “thank you notes”, continuing the dialogue between the viewer and the person being viewed. Dan Shafer’s graphic images merge the use of text and image in order to explore the notion of memory, both personal and collective. Inspired by personal experiences of family, faith and community, Shafer reflects on universal experiences by playing with the notion of fiction and reality. Danila Rumold’s perceptions of the inner and outer landscapes manifest in the shape of lights and darks, and the medium of paint and graphite on paper. Through mediation of material, Rumold empties out thought in exchange for the discovery of the fleeting feeling tones and the discovery of the reality of how things are in the moment.

Painting by Danila Rumold

The Scoop at Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW
Julie and Andy Taylor of The WoodWork are proud to present for the first time their line of handcrafted, highly functional, durable furniture. Drawing on tradition while looking toward the future, this collection focuses on clean lines, bold colors, and clever techniques that highlight the beauty and strength of each piece. View photographs of their work displayed in handmade frames, along with a few select furniture pieces.

Furniture by The Woodwork

Blowing Sands Glass Studio/Laura Frost Gallery

5805 14th Avenue NW
(At 58th and 14th, 1 block North of the Ballard Market)
It looks like spring may be just around the corner, so to usher it in, they’re holding over their Annual Garden Art Show. Included are beautiful flower-inspired paintings by Janet Fagan, Mary Anne Nagy and Kelley Greene, and driftwood heron, rhino and fish by Cynthia Smith. And of course, glass art, including glass bird feeders and garden stakes by sooze deLeon grossman, Lon Clark’s glass floats, and vases by David Smith.

All else follows by Janet Fagan
Vase by David Smith

Building C (Artist Studios)

1148 NW Leary Avenue
(1 Block North of Leary on 14th, Banner marks door)
Take this opportunity to visit the open studios of twenty-four professional artists, including: Carol Mallett Adelman, Ben Brackin, Andree Carter, Steve Costie, Diane Culhane, Sue Danielson, Michael Dickter, Louise Durocher, Robert Hardgrave, Virginia Howlett, Mary Iverson, Terry Leness, Mike (Mikela) Naylor, Piper O’Neill, AJ Power, Patricia Ridenour, Sarah Savidge, Robin Siegl, Jennifer Stenhouse, Gillian Theobald, C.L. Utley, Margaret Watson, Lilly West and Junko Yamamoto.

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