June ArtWalk Venues

5408 22nd Avenue NW
British designer Stuart King is a fine artist and furniture designer/maker who now lives in the Cascade Mountains. With an international reputation for his style and innovative perspective and exhibitions, King has clients around the world. Now add Ballard to this list of locales. His current show, Rocks and Surf, includes an expanded collection of contemporary, fresh acrylic paintings on canvas and board. And who better to paint the range of the ocean’s intense energy than an avid surfer.

Tryptic by Stuart King


5449 Ballard Avenue NW
Created in her Pike Place Market studio, these mixed media and abstract paintings embody Brooke Westlund’s vision of spontaneity and living in the present. The colors and textures are thoughtfully applied in order to bring the viewer closer to the nature of her process.

La Tienda Folk Art Gallery

2050 NW Market Street
Will your garden soon be full of flowers? Bring them indoors to showcase in a handcrafted glass vase from La Tienda’s collection created by American craft artists from all over the United States. Included are Eickholt Studios in Ohio, Elodie Holmes of New Mexico, and Robert Held from Vancouver, British Columbia. Perfect filled with your garden treasures, but just as beautiful standing alone.

Kick It Boots & Stompwear
2607 NW Market Street
“Shoecasing” new peep toe to platform shoe paintings by local artist Brenda Joy. Delightfully feminine, colorful and sized at 10” x 10”, they’re the perfect d├ęcor for your walk-in closet. (Or anywhere, really.)

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW
Playing off of the philosopher Walter Benjamin’s “dialectical image”, Craig van den Bosch’s current work addresses the dynamics of biology vs. technology and asks whether there will be a harmony between the two as the gap closes.

Dish it up!
5320 Ballard Avenue NW
It’s a “Kitsch on the Rocks” trunk show! Meet Mary Olsen, the Seattle-based gal who makes super cool bar towel sets—perfect for hostess gifts, Father’s Day or just to brighten your barware this summer. Also sample wine Ambassador Nancy’s “Moscato-jito,” a wine based punch with mint ice cubes. Cool!

Filthy Rich of Seattle
5344 Ballard Avenue NW
Truffles, truffles, truffles. A little morsel of delectable goodness. Having owned a bakery known for its delectable desserts, Kyma Czark knows that making a truly delicious dessert is an art form, especially in chocolate. People love chocolate, good chocolate, chocolate that makes you go mmmm… That is why she loves making these truffles. It piques Czark’s creativity and challenges her to come up with new and interesting sweets that people want to savour and enjoy. Just try to stay away.

Source Salon & Spa
5400 Leary Avenue NW
American author/illustrator Ramon Shiloh, born in Northern California, was highly influenced by his mother. Author of Guidance through an Illustrative Alphabet, Shiloh draws his energy, spirit and enthusiasm from his art and poetry.

5423 Ballard Avenue NW
Head upstairs to FRY, a fun showroom featuring furniture and artwork that combines modern lines and mountain lifestyles. Unique and handcrafted, these furnishings create a welcoming and warm environment. Off-the-wall styles, peculiar concepts, and fine-tuned craftsmanship—all great for adding some pop to your digs.

The Hi-Life
5425 Russell Avenue NW
With the sun a more frequent visitor, our palates want the tastes of summer. So, try the calamari fry, hickory smoked spareribs or BBQ sliders. Check out the latest group art show and enjoy rockin’ happy hours from 3-6:30 & 10-close!

Root. Integrative Health
2026 NW Market Street
Enjoy vibrant compositions by artist, Bill Zama, while treating your ears to live folksy, bluegrass music by Patchworks. And be sure to say hello to your favorite local health practitioners too!

5344 Ballard Avenue NW
In Nonesuch Wonder, a series of oil paintings by Nico Lund, the artist ruminates upon archetypal imagery. She incorporates a subdued color palate contrasted with vibrant color to create ethereal landscapes in which a story is unfolding.

Annie’s Art and Frame
2212 NW Market Street
Illustrator David D’Andrea’s work is iconic, dark, intricate and beautiful. His illustrations seethe with sinuous, accomplished line work and intentional rough edges, drawing from a variety of themes. The shelves of his small studio are crammed with dusty books, almanacs, type specimens, crumbling encyclopedias and other esoteric visual influences, all looking as if they had been rescued from a medieval basement. These eclectic influences show in the work—archaic lettering, obsessively detailed renderings of animals, and elements from numerous religions and cultures. This exhibit includes a varied collection of D’Andrea’s work, including original drawings and silkscreen prints. Stop by and meet the artist.

Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street
Graphic artist Andrew Holder lives and works in Los Angeles, not far from his home town of San Diego. Splitting his time between client and personal work, Andrew has exhibited in Sydney, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, New York and Tokyo. Now he’s made it to Ballard.

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

2238 NW Market Street
Daniel Bernunzio exhibits examples of his Birch Series, which depicts stylized intertwining birch tree branches. His medium is acrylic on recycled board, with recycled wooden frames unique to each piece. Bernunzio lives in Ballard where his studio can be found in the backyard.

Haven Salon
5810 24th Avenue NW
Although Jessica F.K. Lambert’s first endeavor in art was as a child in 1983 when she won a fine arts award for a collage piece, she did not return to art making until 1993. Today she works in oil and soft pastels, as well as acrylics and oils. Lambert has always loved color—for her it expresses emotion and contemplation. From abstractions, she’s moved to more realistic renderings. Architecture, objects, loved ones—bits and pieces from her own everyday life have become the subjects of Lambert’s artwork. Color remains at the center of her artwork and the goal is to be fearless through color.

Habitude Salon & Spa
2801 NW Market Street
A Kiwi born in Melbourne, Australia, Brad Strain moved to Seattle in 2002, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Trained in fine art photography, he likes to drink a lot of coffee, make films, paint and make his girls smile. Strain is inspired by the stories that take place in and around his head. Stop in and check out his paintings.

Painting by Brad Strain

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