Artists for November ArtWalk

Velouria Boutique
2205 NW Market Street

Stop in and see new art by painter Alan Hurley, whose new series is bright and bold, blending animals with geometric backdrops. Plus a trunk/gift show with two local brands. Select your favorite sweatshirt with a cute sea life applique, a silk screened notebook covers, wallet or cool scarf from R&L goods. Or pick something from Wooly Bison's cute yet incredibly functional line of wool bags and wallets, as well as a new collection of waxed canvas backpacks.

Three Girls Bakery

6209 15th Avenue NW

This month the their salon presents Warm Up to the Holidays, a group show featuring Candis Bergerson, Rebecca Ellison, Diana Federighi, Eve Ingraham, Atarah Levy, Louisiana Levy, Janine Manners and Mary McKee.

Nightingale Gallery
2215 NW Market Street

After extensive design training, Pittsburgh native J. Craig Thorpe moved to Seattle where he started his own architectural illustration business. While his ink and water color renderings have interpreted design concepts for countless NW clients, Thorpe is known nationally for his oils of contemporary railroad themes. Amtrak used his painting of the Olympia, WA station on its 1993 national corporate calendar, opening the door to dozens of railroad commissions for noted clients such as Union Tank Car Co., General Electric and the White Pass & Yukon Route in Alaska. Recent Amtrak commissions include the Centennial paintings for Washington, DC Union Station and Glacier National Park. For the last 16 years, Thorpe has produced yearly calendar art for Alaska Marine Lines, the maritime company shipping barges of containers to Alaska. He also specializes in iconic NW scenes. Thorpe is primarily a landscape painter and even his industrial commissions set the subjects in their unique settings. Says the artist, " The haste, cynicism and expediency of our age has blurred an ability to see beauty. These images help people refocus." He combines a technical accuracy with a painterly style evoking an emotional response from the viewer: "That painting makes me want to be right there!"

Firehouse Coffee
2622 NW Market Street

Artist of the Mind, Life, Fine Form and Figure. “Art is everywhere you look and in everything you do.” This show relates to simply the world of wonders the artist sees, feels and captures. His work
consists of one to nine photographic images merged into one, which goes through many artistic and technical adjustments and cleanings. A typical image can take up to 10+ hours to refine and produce, creating Thomas G. Whipple Fine Art Photography with a Twist. One that captures details, colors and shades that single images miss. Composition and concept are high priorities in the creation of Whiple's images. Embedded in some of my images are concepts, which can appear in the form of stories and personal philosophies, hidden symbols or figures.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Venue studio artist Lynn Cameron has been a photographer for ten years. Having traveled to thirty countries around the globe, her work captures the essence of places she's visited. This exhibit showcases a new line of photo-encaustics - a unique method incorporating original photographs, layers of beeswax, and other materials. Just back from Europe, Cameron includes her most reacent photos from Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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