November ArtWalk Artists

Filthy Rich of Seattle
5402 22nd Avenue NW

Showcasing the work of Mindie Willson McDonnell who developed her sense of style way back when while working in such fine jewelry shops as Nielsen's and Bender's Jewelry. Her passion includes the love of color and luminescence in opals and gemstones, which is reflected in her most contemporary resin originals. Resin is a fabulous medium, and McDonnell has developed her own mark with color and sparkle in these individual paintings that embody a spiritual essence. They are light to wear and bring light into a focal point that says, this is original, like the spirits who don them!

La Tienda
2050 NW Market Street

The temperatures have dropped so stop in and warm your fingers and toes with a pair of gloves or socks. Or find a new scarf and hat. Created with wool from Peru, Bolivia, India, as well as recycled wool from the US, they're bound to keep you warm all winter.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Seattle artist
Joshua Gosovich paints with a somewhat whimsical and morbid sense of life. His subjects range from Day of the Dead imagery to haunting houses in surreal landscapes and few things between.

Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street

In 1966, Terry John Pratt saw the movie Blow-Up, an English film about a studio photographer. Inspired, he purchased a Kodak folding camera and started shooting pictures. While still in his teens, Pratt met NW photographer Mary Randlett, who is still taking pictures and is an inspiration at the age of 86. He worked for another (iconic) local photographer, Chuck Kuhn, during the 1980s, where he was introduced to the commercial side of photography. Pratt now returns to photography after 30 years away. When he left it was all about D76, Tri-X film, Polaroids, darkrooms and thermometers. Now it's all changed and Pratt is so glad to have experienced those earlier days.

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market Street

It's a collaboration of two photographers! New Mexican born Miguel Edwards has been a working artist in Seattle for nearly two decades, working primarily as a photographer and painter. His goal is to bring aspects of our lives which are usually subconscious or unacknowledged into the tangible world. Whether working with time-based media, pigment and canvas, wood or metal, intuition, time and chaos are the co-conspirators in his creative process. Edwards is an artist of exploration, placing process above medium, and enjoying the role that a specific location or intention can play in the direction of a piece. He appreciates learning and growing as a result of the challenges that arise in any creation.

Edwards' work resonates with that of his old friend Travis Monroe, who was born and raised in Montana. Though he was only able to spend seven years with his father before his death, it was through him that Monroe learned to love photography. After earning a degree in Graphic Design and touring the country as a truck driver, Monroe returned to Seattle where he works as a web developer, graphic designer and marketing consultant. In his professional career, Monroe spends a lot of time behind a computer screen. So, when getting a chance to shoot photos, he likes to limit his images to what can be captured with just a camera. Whether it’s a twist of the lens as the shutter is released, the use of expired film in a medium format camera with a plastic lens, multiple exposures, or just taking a shot from a unique position, Monroe finds photography a lot more satisfying without using software to produce an image.

Kula Movement
5340 Ballard Ave NW

This Center for Yoga & Health hosts Food as Art this month. Celebrate the season's shift with a boost to your immune system. Our house acupuncturist and nutritionist work alongside Firefly Kitchen to share intelligent and yummy ways to keep healthy this winter. Food samples available!


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