Venues for November ArtWalk

Great Harvest Bread Co.
2218 NW Market Street

Twenty-one year old photographer Antonio Ysursa was born and raised in Idaho. His passion for photography began when he bought his first camera in high school and realized there was art all around him –in the people and places of home. Over the last five years, Ysursa has been building a body of work using his younger sisters and cousins as subjects. Inspiration drawn from his own childhood strongly affects his photographic approach. Paralleling his own past with the dissipating youth of his family, Ysursa explores the braids of memory, loss, and love. They tell of home and the bonds of blood, ultimately becoming a lamentation and memorialization of youth and its passing.

Suite 300 Skin Care Studio
5424 Ballard Avenue Northwest, #300

Behind the Light: Inside NYC Fashion Week
While on assignment covering 2011 Fashion Week for NYC's The Village Voice, photographer David Wentworth was much more intrigued by the stories behind the scenes than those on the runway. This show takes the viewer beyond the velvet ropes and rows of celebrities into a realm of modern mythology.

In these photos he documents moments of tenderness, trust, jealousy, joy, and ambition in a world known mostly for its shallowness. Each photograph is a story, full of depth. His photographs neither glamorize nor exploit, but elevate feminine mystique. He finds moments of peace in backstage chaos, as well as times of turmoil and humor.

These images are not only fascinating and beautiful, they are technically masterful.
Every piece teeters on the edge of chaos and symmetry. His camera finds deep perspective and always, perfectly defined intention.

Ballard Woodworks Art Collective
1807 NW Dock Place

Painting - Woodwork - Sculpture - Design
Featured artists include: Ann Vargas, Art Lockwood, Diana Friend, Eric Holder, Gabe Strand, Gudrun Onkels, Hillary Garrett, Jeanie Lewis, Keith Murakata, Kenna Stout, Kimberly Miller, Kira Chelemedos, Kree Arvanitas, Lisa Strom, Maya Vajra, Nicolle Johnson, Rachel J.E. Sprague, Rita Moore and Slab Art.

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