February 2012 ArtWalk Venues

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Seattle native Arnel Ramac, who studied art at the University of Washington, has been a professional artist for over 13 years. His subject matter comes from a combination of everyday life, graphic design and pop culture. Arnel uses a combination of traditional painting techniques along with graphic software to capture those moments of inspiration on paper.

Ballard Metal Arts Studios & X-Ray Auto
1122 NW 46th Street

Join them for a multi-artist show including metal sculptures and paintings by local artist Brandon Bowman; acrylic paintings by Aaron Larson; sculpture and drawings by resident blacksmith Pat Maher; enamel work by resident artist Julia Garrels-Borgeson; and encaustic paintings by resident artist Corianna Garrels. Studios will be open for viewing, along with forging demonstrations and refreshments.

2801 NW Market Street

No matter her age or where she's been, painting has always been in Kate Protage's blood. A wanderer, she and her family lived in more than 18 different places of suburban sprawl and she has a love/hate relationship with these cities. Depending on the time of day, two worlds exist in the same physical space: streets that appear gritty, dirty and depressing by day turn into an environment infused with a strange kind of lush, dark beauty and romance at night. These are the moments that remind her to take a breath, look closer, and recognize that there is still beauty in the world despite all of the chaos that surrounds us. While her work is rooted in the real, it’s the junction between sensation and fact that interests Protage. Her paintings and drawings are meant to exist in that grey area between representation and abstraction, where light and solid form are given equal consideration and are almost interchangeable. The streets, the buildings, the sky, the cars – they’re almost incidental as recognizable objects. It’s the detail of an individual shape, an expressive brush stroke, and the way that everything coalesces into a series of value changes and textural rhythms that excites Protage.

Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5805 14th Avenue NW

Annual Seconds Sale! This year they’re letting go of some of David Smith’s wonderful glass light fixturesthe red glass used in them is no longer available, so they can’t be used as samples. If you’ve been thinking about a new light fixture, this is a great time to come by and find something unique and appealing. They’re beautiful pieces! Also find vases, card holders, and assorted glass one-of-a-kinds.

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