March ArtWalk Artists

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW

Leah Libow's Ancient Configurations of Beauty and Harmony features a mixed media show where beeswax is the primary medium. Along with beeswax, Leah combines a variety of laces, doilies and acrylic paints to forge together pieces that evoke contemplation and while capturing the essence what she calls the Divine Feminine.


Leah references how honeybees have traditionally been linked to Feminine archetypes. As bees are able to create and spread nourishment, so can a woman.

"Additionally, my use of beeswax comes from a love of the smell and textures created by melting and forming it, from my love for the honeybee’s ability to create and spread nourishment, and from the honeybee’s deep connections to the Feminine Archetype. Using beeswax, doilies, lace, and acrylic, the abstract and organic patterns I create in my paintings become maps to consciousness and to the Divine Feminine."

Leah will be present during the ArtWalk on 3/10 6-9pm and will be available to answer any questions or inquiries.



La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 Northwest Market Street

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