Julio Cesar Guerrero is Featured at Annie's Art & Frame for the August Art Walk

My name is Julio Cesar Guerrero. I’ve been raised in the Pacific Northwest since my parents immigrated here from Zacatecas Mexico when I was only three months old. Adapting to the U.S. culture has been easier for me than it has been for my parents, as I have naturally integrated with it. I have also seen the struggles of an immigrant first hand either it be the lack of assimilation to a new country or the challenge of communicating with a new world. Being a translator for my parents growing up as a child wasn’t easy, I was easily frustrated with myself for being caught in a conversation without words to be able to describe either or’s feelings. I would go throughout my day with that scenario imprinted in my head and in it I would create short experimental film clips of the feelings that were trying to be transmitted through me, which words could not fill. So, I started drawing those feelings on anything I could get my hands on.

As I create my art pieces I dig deep into the sincerity of who I am and my emotions in order to express the fragile complexities of an immigrant. Finding that which creates strength within us in order to adapt and survive in any given setting. The pieces I create are a buildup of different ideas and as I dig deeper into them I add more to what it wants to become or speak. Creating from whatever is at hand, screwing, nailing, painting and pasting. The most fun part of creating my artistic expression is the challenge of adapting to the integration of the different mediums and textures I use. Learning to appreciate the errors and the complimenting effects that are created out of the different materials is only the beginning of what the imagination can create.

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 Northwest Market Street

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