Dive Deep with Katie Ward in April at Umpqua Bank

Katie Ward is a young artist born and raised in Long Island, NY, She traveled out west to study her passion: photography. She attended a wonderful school located in Santa Barbara CA, the Brook's Institute of Photography, where she combined her passion for taking pictures with a new interest in scuba diving. 

These images are from the amazing experiences and all the amazing islands she has been privileged enough to explore, from San Miguel to San Clemente Island. These remote untouched islands are breathtaking both above and below the surface of the water. Katie uses a Canon 5D in an Ikelite housing with one underwater strobe.

You can now find Katie living in West Seattle, loving her 2nd year here in Washington and now focusing on her portraiture, shooting for Yuen Lui Studio's. If you would like to see more of Katie's work please visit her photography facebook page: www.facebook.com/kwardphotography.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

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