Garet Wolfe Brings Vivid Photographs to Savour

Garet Wolfe is originally from Fullerton, California and has spent most of his life creating art in one form or another – from music to printing to building Tiki bars. Garet picked up a camera again, inspired particularly by the digital revolution of the 21st century, and has been producing original photography ever since.

Buoyed by a certificate program at the University of Washington, Garet has been inspired to work in an increasingly complex and interesting way with all types of subjects. While many photographers lamented the passing of the darkroom, Mr. Wolfe can successfully build upon the solid foundation of traditional techniques, elevating his work to the next level with all manner of digital mastery.

“I like to make things look better than they do in real life. Softer, more colorful, even dreamlike,” says Garet when asked about his intentions. This comes across vividly in his marvelous work prompting the question, “how did he do that?” A fan recently remarked that his work is simply magical.

Garet lives in Greenwood with his wife and collie.

2242 NW Market Street

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