Destination Products Rolls Into Venue for June Artwalk

Designer Leslie Pierson loves travel, typography, and distinctive design - and Destination Rolls are a powerful synthesis of her favorite things. The inspiration for the featured line of Destination Products came from a find in a vintage shop of a British destination roll that had been used on a train in the early 1900. These rolls were hand cranked by the conductors to display the next stop. The nature of Leslie’s simple design allows customers to create customized lists bounded only by imagination.

This month at Venue, Leslie will be showcasing some great destinations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest on black & white destination rolls, prints, stretched canvas, greeting cards, and even pendants.

Leslie says, “Two of the most exciting questions you can ask anyone are: ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘Where have you been?” Her Destination Rolls can document your favorite places in the world – or the future travels of your dreams. Bon voyage!

5408 22nd Ave NW

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