Dave Ryan and Carlos Valdez Debut at Full Tilt

Dave Ryan was born and bred in the wet dank forests of Washington State. He began stenciling in the spring of 2006 and started to refer to himself as the Manticore.

He had lost most of his fine motor funtions and used stenciling as both a means to regain the use of his hands and as his sole income.

The Manticore has since made a full recovery, and his unique blend of silly pop art can be found in coffee shops, wateringholes, and at Seattle's Freemont Sunday Market.

Carlos Valdez presents this series of collages, which highlights the figures from his childhood in magazines and on Saturday morning TV. 

Literally, larger than life, throughout a wrestler’s career there are ups and downs. They were role models…sometimes a villain then good, bad, or indifferent. Right and wrong, ambiguity is fluid as we age but shocking and polarizing in our youth. Carlos cuts audio in real time on each collage, all playable on your turntable.

Full Tilt 
5453 Leary Ave NW

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