Nancy Reithaar and Suzanne Lorenz Fill BallardWorks For November Artwalk

abundance, variety, adaptation, proliferation, versatility, color, texture, shape, ink, collage, paper, comradeship

These words describe my process, focus, and evolution as I reflect on ten years of exhibitions as a Ballard printmaker and participant in the Ballard Artwalk. This show is a celebration of a decade of collaboration with local businesses and artists in our vibrant Ballard community. On display will be some of my earliest prints of elephants (featured in my first show at Sev Shoon Arts Center), as well as blue herons, cats, and every animal I could fit in up to my newest series of sea creatures and beaches. Please join me in my journey through monotype, etching, and the animal kingdom.  -Nancy Reithaar

I am inspired by broad expansions of light and color, beauty in nature, and the landscapes that surround me. I look for capturing the ‘beautiful impermanence and rustic decay’ symbolized in the Japanese phrase 'wabi-sabi.’ I am interested in photographing the decay of iconographic imagery of my lifetime: pioneer cemeteries, antiquated trucks, drive-in movie remains, deteriorating barns, movie theater marquees, vanishing telephone booths. I have recently begun photographing urban environments, commercial window reflections, fire hydrants and urban life.

I have been photographing for over 3 decades,  some of those years more concentrated than others. I started with film in the darkroom with black and white images, focusing solely on tonality and controlling light. Now, in the digital age my focus still remains the same. -Suzanne Lorenz

2856 NW Market St

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