Photographer Martina K at His Word Found Here for May

 Martina has had a passion for photography ever since she got her first camera at six years old. She took pictures of everything she could! This passion really blossomed at the age of fourteen when she entered high school. She was the first freshman to get into the photography program at her school and continued all throughout her time there; taking beginning, advanced one, two, three, and AP (advanced placement) photography excelling in every step along the way.

    When Martina was fifteen, she sold her photo for the first time at the ArtWalk for students at the Ballard Library. This encouraged her to keep working hard and one day she could become a professional photographer. Just a year later, she began photographing her fellow students for their senior photos for the yearbook and graduation announcements. Since then, Martina has photographed many senior photos, family portraits, engagement photos, and even a wedding.

  If you ask Martina why she does what she does, she will simply say it is her gift from God. She walks around and sees the clouds, the mountains, nature all around her and sees it all as art and sees the beauty in all the people she comes in contact with. She says she wants to show Gods creativity with that in which He has blessed her with. She has the talent and drive to go far in this industry.

     Martina is now twenty years old living in Ballard. She works at a photography studio in Lynnwood. She still takes pictures of everything she possibly can and loves every minute of it. Her hope is to be able to travel around the world to take pictures of the wonders of all nations, both good and bad; to change the world for the better with her art.

5404 NW 22nd Avenue

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