Sticks and Stones Seattle Presents “Listening to What You Can’t See” By Kate Vrijmoet

Sticks & Stones Seattle is honored to present “Listening to What You Can’t See”, a solo-exhibition of renown Seattle artist Kate Vrijmoet’s Non-Ordinary Reality Paintings. “Listening to What You Can’t See” will run from May 8th to June 11th, 2015. A reception for the artist will be held Friday, May 8th from 7-11pm at Sticks & Stones Seattle Gallery at 5402 22nd Ave NW in Ballard. If you can't make it May 8th, join us for Ballard Art Walk Saturday, May 9th!

“Listening to What You Can’t See” will feature a series of works fairly new to Vrijmoet’s vast repertoire of socially and philosophically explorative paintings. The oil on canvas pieces range from 40 to 100 inches in scale and reflect Vrijmoet’s three decades of deeply evocative craftsmanship. The exhibition is unified by both by the presence of water in each piece as well as the unusual perspectives Vrijmoet employs.

Vrijmoet calls these “Non-Ordinary Reality Paintings”, a description that could not be more apt. The subject of each painting and its relationship to the water is, in fact, a situational reality we can all recognize. However, Vrijmoet expresses these scenes in ways that are completely foreign yet strikingly intimate. As a viewer, the relationship between the ordinary and the otherworldly perspective is quixotic and fascinating. It’s easy to get lost in these works, from the rich colors, the déjà vu sensation calling back forgotten childhood memories and the voyeuristic pleasure one finds in the normally forbidden nature of the perspectives presented.

Sticks and Stones Seattle
5402 NW 22nd Street

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